Life Lately

I've been working a lot lately - 50hrs a week in fact - but that time is about to come to a close.  I'm reaching the end of my current visa which will make almost 2 years away from home, mostly living in Australia.  I've loved it so much that I'm currently applying to study in Sydney so all being well, I'll be here another two years.  I'm looking forward to my next big trip: Hong Kong, London, Manchester, and Southern France, all in the space of 4 weeks.  It will be hectic and emotional, as not only will I being seeing my family for the first time since I left, but I'll also be reunited with my exchange friends from UCSB after three years at the wedding of one of my favourite people.  I'm incredibly excited, and big things on the horizon and the end of the cold weather.  Goodbye winter, bring on summer!

Pride in Prince Alfred Park; the kind of skies you see when you head to work at dawn

Vivid, the annual festival that lights up Sydney landmarks

Classic Aussie sunset; alternative busking in Circular Quay
Town Hall looking splendid

Iconic Sydney ferry & Harbour Bridge from Milsons Point

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