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They say people travel to "find themselves", and this year is the closest I've ever come to that.  Four countries, countless cities, and more incredible new friends than I could have hoped for.  2014 has set the bar high, that's for sure.

January - starting the new year living in Newtown, Sydney then setting off for New Zealand's North Island.

February - exploring the South Island of New Zealand, then heading back to a new neighbourhood of Sydney.

March - back to work but still in travel mode, living in Bondi and skydiving for the first time.

April - Easter, autumn colours, and a gruelling work week...

May - goodbye to the bright lights of Sydney and hello to the red earth of Griffith.  Farm work begins!

June - becoming a country girl, and getting into hostel living.

July - a purple haze of partying interspersed with 8 hours a day of staring at oranges.

August - spring in the air, and making the most of Griffith's unexpected charm before leaving for good.

September - first trip to Asia, two weeks in stunning Indonesia, and living in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

October - my second year visa commences on an impromptu trip to Thailand.

November - a move to 'edgy' Melbourne, uncertain but giving it a shot.

December - an odd Christmas and a month I can only remember snippets of, finally getting into Melbourne but also deciding to leave.  Early 2015 I'm planning on hitting the road, and I can't wait to see where I'll end up.

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